Recent & Upcoming Talks

Social (Flying) Robots for Education. September 2020.

TIP: Tangible e-Ink Paper Manipulatives for Classroom Orchestration

Presented our work on the design of tangible devices for classroom orchestration.

UC San Diego, California, USA, November 2019

I gave a short talk at the HRI Mini symposium on Orchestration of Robot Populated Classrooms, a recent work started with Sina Shahmoradi, Jauwairia Nasir and Utku Norman

Orchestration of robot-populated classrooms. UC Sand Diego, California, USA. November 2019.

TA-Swiss, Bern, Switzerland Mai 2019

Applied Machine Learning Days, Lausanne Switzerland, January 2019

Astana, Kazakhstan, January 2019

ETH, Zurich, Switzerland, December 2018

Human-Robot Interaction Mini Symposium, Standford, November 2018

Standford, November 2018

Visiting Lukasc Kidnzinski at Stanford, I gave a talk on our paper on diagnosis of disgraphia using RF applied to a series of novel features based on pen’s postion, pressure and tilt.