Best Demo Award at HRI 2020!

Our international team received the best demo award at @HRI2020 @dillenbo @AnaraSandy! #SNSF #CoKaz

CoWriting Kazakh: Learning a New Script with a Robot

CoWriting Kazakh: Learning a New Script with a Robot - Video

Astana! Visiting our partner for the CoWriting Kazakh project

Thibault Assselborn and I travelled to Astana, Kazakhstan to install CoWriter with Anara. We discussed learning sceanrios to help Kazakh students learn the new Latin Kazakh alphabet. It was definitly a fruitful visit, but the weather was not ideal for us to sightsee (-40°C).

CoWriting Kazakh: Transitioning to a New Latin Script using Social Robots

Project CoWriting Kazakh Accepted!

We got a new grant for travel mainly that will enable me to collaborate more with Anara Sandygulova from Nazarbayev University. As Kazakhstan is planning to move from Cyrillic to Roman alphabet, we are planning to use the Cowriter setup to motivate children to learn the new alphabet. This work will also continue our work on dysgraphia by collecting handwriting data samples from children in the two alphabet. The goal will be to discover features that are independent of the alphabet to characterize handwriting skills.

CoWriting Kazakh

A social robot to help the transition from Cyrillic to Latin alphabet in Kazakhstan