Domestic Drones: Context of Use in Research Literature


Domestic robotic entities are on the rise, out of which, domestic drones are taking place in our society as one of the upcoming interactive technologies that we will see in our daily lives. In this paper, we scope for research literature that addresses the use of domestic drones within our environments to understand the current usage as well as identifying future research directions. After performing a search based collection of relevant papers in the ACM digital library (N=61 papers), we analysed the drone’s application areas, their interaction modalities, the target users, and the level of autonomy of the proposed systems. The results show interesting trends in the modalities of interaction (visual projection combined with hand/foot gestures) as well as important research gaps such as child-drone interaction, and the use of drones for healthcare or education, given that currently most use cases for domestic drones are generic in nature.

Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Human-Agent Interaction (HAI ‘20)