Animatas is a H2020 MCS International Training Network involving 8 insitutions from Europe and several international partners (amoong which UNSW). The goal of the project is to investigate social learning and embodiement of autonomous agents in learning contexts.

Three aspects are investigated at EPFL with some collaborators:

  • Modelling Engagement in Collaborative Learning Scenario - Jauwairia

How can we build a group model of engagement? Can we quantify engagement with regard to learning and find the optimal engagement for the group of learners?

  • Mutual Understanding in Learner-Robot Interaction - Utku

Can we build an agent able to detect mis-understanding? to repair them or create them (for the sake of learning)?

  • Orchestration of Robot Populated Classroom - Sina

How to enable teachers to manage and monitor their classroom during robotics practical? What are the advantages and drawbacks of robots in the classroom in terms of teacher’s orchestration?

Senior Lecturer and ARC DECRA Fellow

My research interests include human-robot interaction, human-compter interaction and intelligent and autonomous systems.