The iReCheck project accepted!

The iReCheck project submitted last April will be funded by the French ANR and the Swiss NSF. The goal of the project is to explore the learning by teaching sceanrio proposed in the cowriter project in with both performance and social adaptation, and with TD learners and learners with NDD. The project brings educational expertise of the EPFL team with the NDD expertise of the French partners to build a system that can suit all types of learners.

Bridging multi-level time scales for HRI analysis

You collected Gigabits of multi-modal data from an #HRI experiment? Check out our new paper on THRI proposing an analysis framework based on Newells' time scales. w T. Asselborn, K. Sharma &
@dillenbo #HRI2020 #humanrobotinteraction

First day at UNSW as Lecturer (Assistant Prof)

Officially starting at @UNSWEngineering today. Looking forward to this exciting adventure! Stay tuned, Phd job offers coming soon.

Alex's Bachelor Design Presentation

Super excited about the presentation of my first design intern. It’s been a fruitful experience to work with him this past few months. Bravo Alex! #epfl #ecal

London/Brighton UK, One week workshop, Find you Voice project

The Find your Voice project (seed project, funded by the Jacobs Foundation and the SRCD) aims to investigate the potential use of voice assistant/robot to train children on joke telling to improve their self-confidence and language literacy. A whole week workshop ehlp us to clearly set objectives for the first part of teh project. We conducted a small literature review and discussed the mini projects to be conducted by Mai 2020.

Expert for the Focus group on Robots in Education

The TA Swiss (Swiss Technology Assessment Foundation) invited me to praticipate to a focus group about robotics as an expert in robots for education. I was glad to present an overview of ther research of robotics in education. The day ended with a very interesting panl in which many asptects such as ethics, and regulations were discussed.

Some pictures of the workshop:

The full report is available here (in french)

Organising a Winter School on Developing Technologies in Educational Settings

22 participants attended the 4 days training event at EPFL on Developing Technologies in Educational Settings. The winter school recieved the support of the NCCR Robotcs and the Animatas H2020 EU project. We had invited great speakers and got excellent feedback from the participants. I specially wanted to thank Florence Colomb, Dr. Jennifer Olsen, Prof. Pierre Dillenourg, Dr. Catharine Oertel, Utku Norman, Jauwairia Nasir and Sina Shahmodari for helping me organising the event.

✈️ 🇰🇿 Astana! Visiting our partner for the CoWriting Kazakh project

Thibault Assselborn and I travelled to Astana, Kazakhstan to install CoWriter with Anara. We discussed learning sceanrios to help Kazakh students learn the new Latin Kazakh alphabet.

It was definitly a fruitful visit, but the weather was not ideal for us to sightsee (-40°C).

Talk at the HRI 2018 Mini Symposium, Standford CA

Teaching children to write using robots with haptic feedback. I gave a small talk on our IDC paper [?] using the Cellulo robots for a handwriting activity.

Bold Blog Article on R4L is out

Pierre Dillenbour and I wonder “What are robots doing in schools?” in a blog post on Bold :