🏆 GROW Faculty Engineering Grant - Awarded!

I have been awarded 20,000AUD by the Faculty of Engineering to start a new prject called GIRL “Gamified and Interactive Robot Learning”. I really look forward to starting to work on this.

📣 2 PhD Positions in Human-Robot Interaction 🤖

Faculty of Engineering, School of Computer Science and Engineering, UNSW Sydney Start Date: Fall, 2021 Area of Research Human-Robot Interaction. Robots are foreseen to be used in a variety of home contexts and interacting with novice users, such as assisting the dependent elderly in daily housework (i.e., caring and unpacking groceries, fetching, and pouring a glass of water, etc). Enabling robots to adapt to their environment through learning context specific tasks would be necessary for them to be used adequately by non-programming users.

🏆 Faculty Engineering Award for our ECAN crew!

Our Early Career Academic Network Committee, Eng. ECAN, received the Faculty Award of Equity and Diversity from the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Prof. Stephen Foster.

I am delighted to be part of such a vibrant team, working together to make ECAs shine!

🏆 I was awarded with an ARC DECRA fellowship!

About a year after landing foot in Australia, I have been awarded with a Discovery Early Career Research Award (DECRA) by the Asutralian Research Council (acceptance 16%).

The project I proposed is inline with my vision to build co-learning system in which robots can teach novices some skills (see CoWriter Project) but also learn from human trainers. To find out more about the project see the page: HURL.

The SydCHI Local Chapter just got accepted

Super excited about the new SydCHI local chapter. Stay tune!

🏆 Best Demo Award at HRI 2020!

Our international team received the best demo award at @HRI2020 @dillenbo @AnaraSandy! #SNSF #CoKaz

[HRI2020 Paper Accepted!] on Transposing CoWriter to Learning the New Kazakh Alphabet

Best Reviewer Award for ICCE

I am hounoured that the 27th International Conference on Computers in Education awarded me with the Best Reviewer Award.

4 Full Papers Presented @RoMan 2019, New Delhi!

I was very glad to meet my colleagues and friends at RoMan. We presented four papers and enjoyed a day off in Jaipur.

Paper accepted! Allohaptic

I was very glad to meet my colleagues and friends virtually at RoMan2020.