Find Your Voice: Use of Voice Assistant for Learning

Context Many children struggle to find their voice in social situations. They may be shy, suffer from social anxiety, be new to a culture (migrants) or have a special need involving communication impairments (e.g., autism, speech, or, hearing). Their voices often go unheard as they find it hard to contribute to conversation. The Find your Voice (FyV, http://wafa.johal.org/project/fyv/) project was initiated to investigate how joke telling could help children to speak up and gain confidence.

Voice for ROS

Context Natural language is an important part of communication since it offers an intuitive and efficient way of conveying ideas to another individual. Enabling robots to efficiently use language is essential for human-robot collaboration. In this project, we aim to develop an interface between voice assistant engines (Alexa; SDK or Google Home Assistant) and ROS (Robotics Operating System). By doing this, we will be able to use the powerful dialogue systems developed for voice assistant in human-robot interaction scenario.