Iterative Design and Evaluation of a Tangible Robot-Assisted Handwriting Activity for Special Education

In this article, we investigate the role of interactive haptic-enabled tangible robots in supporting the learning of cursive letter writing for children with attention and visuomotor coordination issues. We focus on the two principal aspects of …

[HRI2020 Paper Accepted!] on Transposing CoWriter to Learning the New Kazakh Alphabet

CoWriting Kazakh

A social robot to help the transition from Cyrillic to Latin alphabet in Kazakhstan


Towards an autonomaic tools to assess and train learner's handwriting

Robot Writing

Context Handwriting is one of the most important motor skill we learn as human. Children with handwriting difficulties can find their academic impacted and often succeed less at school. A scenario, using tangible robots (Cellulo) combined with voice assistant for upper-arm rehabilitation will be implemented to show the potential of this new ros-package. Goals & Milestones During this project, the student will: Learn about Alexa/ Google Home SDK, and ROS Develop a ROS package that enables to access voice-assistant features Develop a Cellulo Rehabilitation Game Test the game with a pilot experiment Topics Voice-Assistant, Human-Robot Interaction, ROS